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Version: v0.10 (Cap Gaspé)

Telemetry that doesn't suck

Privacy by Design​

Snowtrack follows the principles of Privacy by Design. We do not use any third-party metrics software. Our handcrafted anonymous telemetry system ensures no personally identifiable information or information about your work is ever transmitted.


All data shared by Snowtrack is so anonymous, we wouldn't know if the shared usage data is from you, your neighbour, or someone on the other side of the planet.

Share Essentials​

Essentials help us identify where improvements have to be made. We track errors, application health and basic navigation of the application to verify all works as expected. The telemetry is concerned with load, performance and usage metrics, exception reports, and other diagnostic data.

What your app shares with us​

  • Runtime errors
  • Basic usage

What your app will never share with us​

  • Personal information
  • Location
  • Information of the work environment

Share Insights​

Insights help us to write better software. Depending on the feature currently in development we ask users to share specific usage.

Version 0.10.48​

We are currently working on dedicated collaboration features for Snowtrack. In order to provide a smooth experience when working with others, we are measuring the following properties:

What your app shares with us​

  • Essentials
  • Number of files per version
  • File sizes per version s

What your app will never share with us​

  • Same as essentials
  • File names
  • File locations
  • File contents

How do I set my usage profile?​

Open the settings window at File > Preferences. Select your profile for Share Experience.

  • None - 😢 Turn off all telemetry
  • Essentials - Share essential telemetry
  • Insights - 😍 Share insights telemetry

How long is the data kept?​

Essential metrics are kept for up to 730 days. This data allows us to analyze the growth and trends of the Snowtrack product and company.

Insight metrics are kept for up to 365 days. This data is tightly coupled to development cycles and subject to constant iteration. Data older than 365 years is unlikely to present actionable perspectives.

Where is the data held?​

Our telemetry data is stored off-site of other Snowtrack services and shares no hardware, infrastructure or networking components with other Snowtrack cloud offerings.