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Version: v0.9 (Summer Woods)


Who is Snowtrack for?

Snowtrack is for 2D/3D artists and graphic designers who want to keep track of their project versions. As a project grows, directories can become messy and cluttered. Snowtrack helps with file management and makes version control easy to use and accessible.

What is a beta version?

A beta software is in a stage where some functionality is not fully implemented yet. The software is proven to work under normal conditions but requires additional testing to improve its robustness.

Does Snowtrack require an internet connection?

No, Snowtrack works perfectly fine when offline since all files and versions of your project are stored locally on your computer. With online access links and resources are accessible, including an update check, but this is optional.

What is Snowtrack based on?

Snowtrack is based on SnowFS, our open-source community project. For more information check out How does Snowtrack work.

Where does Snowtrack keep all my file versions?

Snowtrack lets you decide project by project whether it copies files and versions to its internal version database, or stores them in a hidden directory inside the project directory. For more information, check out the information about Version Database.

Which files does Snowtrack support?

Snowtrack supports all file types and has extended support for a variety of 2D and 3D file types. For more information check out the File Support section.

How do I uninstall Snowtrack?

Click here to see the instructions on how to uninstall Snowtrack.