Bonjour/Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian and I am a software developer situated in Montréal, Canada. For the last 11 years I've been working at Maxon on the 3D animation software Cinema 4D and now I've opened my own startup. Snowtrack is my interpretation of a tool that helps artists, designers, and content creators to eliminate tedious tasks in version tracking.

Snowtrack has come a long way. The idea came to life after I developed a mobile app called Alors, c’est quoi. For the content of the app, I took several hundred photos and versioned them with software tools, which are known in the world of software developers, but are mostly unknown to other industries. These tools were cumbersome, difficult to use, and unnecessarily technical. With Snowtrack and my background in the computer graphics industry as a C++ developer and build pipeline engineer, I am on a journey to change that.

The name Snowtrack is an homage to my hometown Montréal and its heavy cold winters. Track of course speaks for itself.


For any inquiries drop me a mail at sebastian@snowtrack.io
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The office’s address is 482 Rue Bibaud, H2J 1E2 Montréal, QC, Canada